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Halloween Pub Crawl

Missed out on a spot in our awesome March Pub Crawl Frenzy? Fret not! The seemingly never-ending deluge of drinks, people, music, and fun is back with a vengeance! This time, in celebration of all things that go “boo!” in the night, come dressed in your Halloween best, and let us bring out the party in you as we blaze through the hip and cool city night life and end off in a spectacular high.

Let our party guides from Singapore Pub Crawl break the ice for you as you soak up the festive nightlife at 3 bars and a club. Down a complimentary shot in each bar, and feel the tempo rise as the night progresses and more of the city’s chic crowd come out to play.

Fees: $59
Time: 8:00pm — 12:00am
Event: 27 Oct
Venue: TBA (CBD area)
Organised by: GaiGai

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