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“Your Impression of Me” (For ladies 33 years old and above, gentlemen 35 years old and above)

Have you ever wondered what the other party’s impression of you is? And what you can do to improve your chances of finding The One?

Look no further than this event — where we will facilitate to gather others’ first impressions and thoughts about you and send you a report within a week. Armed with this valuable information, you can do better in finding your life partner. And don’t worry — all information gathered via one-to-one speed dating rotations will be kept confidential.

This event is especially catered for ladies born before/on 1984 and gentlemen born before/on 1982.

Price includes 1 dessert and 1 beverage.

Fees: $52.90
Time: 2:30pm — 6:00pm
Event: 14 Oct
Venue: Town
Organised by: CompleteMe
Sold out for ladies!

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